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Leadership Team


Deanne Detmers, MA
Executive Director
Since 1990, Ms.Detmers has devoted her career to working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. As a co-founder of BIA in 1993, she has been closely involved with all aspects of the organization including tutoring, consultation, curriculum and special program development, as well as administration, and serving on the Board of Directors. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family.

Hilary Baldi, MA
Clinical Director
Hilary Baldi is the Founder and Clinical Director of Behavioral Intervention Association (BIA). She holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education and has been working with children with ASD for 20 years. Believing that all children have the capacity to learn, Ms. Baldi is dedicated to finding that spark in each and every child.

Monique Bekeschus, MS/BCBA
Clinical Director (Fresno Area)
Monique started her career working with children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder in 1994. She began working with BIA in 1996 and in 2006 had the unique opportunity to open BIA’s inclusive preschool and educational center, The Village, in Fresno California. In addition to managing all aspects of The Village program and BIA’s in-home services in Fresno, she also spends time with her husband of 17 years and their two daughters.

Program Directors

  • Haydee Bowden, MA
  • Teri Jasman, MA
  • Rachel Manfredi, MA
  • Anna Kern, MS/MFT #37069

Management Staff

  • Andrea Bennett, BA (Fresno Area)
  • Justin Bernard, BA (Fresno Area)
  • Matt Fabrizio, BA (Fresno Area)
  • Laura Hannaford, MA (Fresno Area)
  • Alexandra Hohenhaus, BA
  • Karen Huling, BA (Fresno Area)
  • Talia Gonzalez, BA
  • Cristee Marusich, BA (Fresno Area)
  • Natalie Nelson, BA (Fresno Area)
  • Sonia Newton, BA (Fresno Area)
  • Meghan O'Nyon, BA
  • Michelle Roche, BA
  • Angelika Schilli, BA
  • Atzimba Sierra, BA
  • Regine Tolosa, BA
  • Linda Tran, BA
  • Ar Yang, BA (Fresno Area)


  • Fred Baldi - Business Administrator/Chief Operations Officer
  • Alexa Araneta - Administrative Assistant
  • Rudy Bekeschus - Administrator (Fresno Area)
  • Stephanie Harris - Payroll/Invoicing Specialist & Bookkeeper
  • Kim DaFonte - Invoicing Specialist

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